Kingston Street Mission

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The Kingston Street Mission is located in Gill Hall attached to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, in downtown Kingston, ON. Located on the corner of Clergy St. and Princess St., and known as "The Mission" for short, it is a"safe haven" and place of friendship and warmth. Open from October-April each year from 8pm - 11:30pm, The Mission provides a warm place out of the cold, in addition to: refreshments, friendship, support, free access to clothing and toiletries and more, with volunteers also on site each night. Special events are held throughout the year such as a BBQ, music, and more. The Kingston Street Mission is non-profit, completely volunteer run, and donation based. 
Looking for a way to help the Mission? Attend a PaintNite event near you!

Enter the CODE: VF-KSM when buying tickets to a PaintNite event, and $15 of your ticket price will be donated to us!

Photo: Wheeler, Katie. "Palette." Flickr, 2015 12 Apr.

Note: (There will NOT be an extra fee: using the code does NOT add an extra $15 to your total; the $15 comes out of the original ticket price you are already paying to attend the event!)

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Kingston Street Mission
130 Clergy St. E
Kingston, ON
K7K 3S3